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Nicholas Hohman paints and draws. He designs and crafts. He cooks and he cleans (more cooking than cleaning.) He wanders in the woods and rides a bicycle far and slowly, stopping often to inspect a mushroom, inhale deeply of the prairie wildflowers, or wonder at the flight of a spirited bird. He’s been doing these things for quite some time, as a child in wooded suburbs of Western Pennsylvania, as an art student in rural Western New York, as the father of young children in the northside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He studied fine art at Alfred University, Alfred NY, and later art education at Carlow University in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. He spent about a decade channeling these interests and educations into developing and fabricating exhibits at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh. These days, in addition to painting, drawing, crafting, wandering, wondering, he cares for his children, fairly well, and gardens, somewhat poorly, in the greater Chicagoland area, a place for which he is developing something of a fondness.


We've got time. Time and the way we play. Between worlds. The worlds we can touch, the worlds corporeal and the worlds of our dreams and the stories we tell. And we play and we stitch them together with yarn(s). And the edges fray even as threads become rope bridges. One side shifts and the other follows. They inform, they engage the other. Teeter on rope bridges and weave new yarns. Look. See?

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